Time to back Pi-Hole dbase

Hello All
The reason for this request is on my last update of Pi-hole, I lost 6 months worth of info in the database and this hurts since I use past history to check the progress or modify my filters. There needs to be a setting in the GUI section of Teleporter to do a couple of things, the ability to do an integrity check of the database and a backup of the database if the user wishes.
As well, do a quick scan on the integrity of the database before any updates are commenced. Is this feasible?

P.S this would capture any issue that would arise after any updates or damage thereafter.

Thanks in advance.

The web interface (and the command line) can run a database integrity check when you generate a Debug token.

Select the first checkbox and generate the debug log. If there is an error, it will be shown on the log.

If I remember correctly, I had done a dry run on the database that week or a few days prior to the Pi-hole updates, and the database showed no issue with the database when I did a dry run. So a preemptive scanning of the database for any updates might be in order.