The pihole seems to have stopped after the power outage

At 07:20, the electricity goes off and the graph shows that no queries were made after this time.
But I don't see ads on the sites I visit
When I use the "sudo service pihole-FTL restart" command , the graphic starts recording again.
Then the same problem repeats when the power is cut off. Help me. Thanks :slight_smile:

My debug log is here

If I watch closely, I can see some queries received during the time you circled.
The issue is likely the following:

   WARN: Could not sendto() in send_dhcp_discover() (/__w/FTL/FTL/src/dhcp-discover.c:233): Network is unreachable
   * Received 548 bytes from eth0:
     Offered IP address:
     Server IP address: N/A
     Relay-agent IP address: N/A
     BOOTP server: (empty)
     BOOTP file: (empty)
     DHCP options:
      Message type: DHCPOFFER (2)
      lease-time: Infinite
      --- end of options ---

You advertise Pi-hole's and your router's IP as DNS servers via DHCP. After the power-loss, your network clients renewed their DHCP lease and picked your router as upstream DNS server.

You should not set any DNS server next to Pi-hole as your clients will start using the other DNS server whenever they want. Only advertise Pi-hole's IP.

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Ah thank you for answer. I will try it now :sweat_smile:

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