The Pi-hole 2018 Retrospective


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2018 went by fast for the Pi-hole team. We though it would be fun to share some interesting facts from this year.

As you can see, a project our size is quite an undertaking, especially considering there are eight of us that regularly work on it in just our free time. We appreciate your understanding of our limited resources as we work to scale the project to meet demand. We did hear you when you stated that you wanted Pi-hole to remain free and we’re committed to doing that. It does, however, pose challenges as we continue to grow.

And in addition to actually writing code to develop Pi-hole more, there are a lot of other things that happen to keep the project running. We’re going to be writing blog posts about our developers as well as the servers and services that we use. We hope it will bring some more personality to the project and give people an insight into how much work actually goes into running an open source project.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us! Here’s looking forward to another great year.



Thanks a lot guys!

Was time for a financial support again, just donated $50 for your piggybank.


That year was just awesome. Both the new features and the decisions taken to raise money to keep the project free of charge.

Keep it up! and thanks to all of you