The latest my pihole is not blocking stuff thread

Expected Behaviour:

Hello - running pihole 6 as primary, pihole 5 as secondary+ unbound on both, on a Ubuntu VM 22.04.4, the VM is on a Dell server if that's important. network router/switch is Unifi, i have 5 VLANs/networks, gateways are 192.168.vlannumberhere.1. Networks are all pointing to the pihole 6 IP as primary and the 5 IP as secondary. Devices are all set to auto DNS (when available).
Pihole has been working well for years - something has changed and need assistance finding the issue.

Actual Behaviour:

about 6 weeks ago I started to see some inline ads coming through. Then some pop-up/unders, now i've got redirect ads (like in games) where they were not there before. I've pi-hole -up'd several times, as recently as today, OS is up to date as well. I tried a 53 port forward and didn't see different behavior.

Aside from visual evidence i've gone to a couple of the "test your blocker" sites and they show pi-hole is about 50-60% effective. Do those sites work? maybe - i'm more looking for patterns rather than specific results.

Debug Token:

Thanks - appreciate the help.

Not really. They choose some domains they think should be blocked, and that's what they compare against. The real test is - do you see ads.

Use these tools to determine the source of the ads you are seeing:

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