Thanks and compliments

Last week I replaced my pihole setup with the v6 development version.
Using this in a family of 4 and works brilliant. There’s one website I’ve got issues with which is the rest of the family does not complain at all. Compliments to the team!


Out of interest, what are the issues with that site, and are they present only when using v6 but not v5?

When accessing the website the browser (on multiple devices) states server cannot be found.
Looking in logs the HTTPS log entry seems to fail

From the two screenshots you posted, it actually looks like A failed to resolve due to a BOGUS DNSSEC status. The HTTPS query worked. I did just check the DNSSEC status of this domain and it is actually fine:

(don't worry about the small exclamation mark, it just tells you that authoritative AAAA records exist for, but there are no corresponding AAAA glue records - this is an inconsistency but no error)

And I can indeed resolve this domain without any issues on my local Pi-hole v6.0. Since it is working here and we don't see any obvious issues in the records defined online, I'm interested in what you configured as your upstream DNS server (I see you removed the 192.168.XXX#8047 part in your screenshots. I can successfully resolve this domain using both Google ( and a locally running unbound server.

My upstream dns is a set of unbound dockers. I will test some more with the “old pihole” and check if my local unbound installation is the issue.

Tested for a while with public DNS without errors. Than focused on cache TTL of my unbound setup and shortened the times. Now also the unbound setup works perfectly. Thanks

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