Telegram bot integration

Possibility to integrate pi-hole api’s with a telegram bot

Can you explain why this feature is needed and how it will enhance Pi-Hole?

Receive notifications and monitor pi-hole status remotly using a telegram bot

I would think this would best be done at the telegram end, not the Pi-Hole end. How should Pi-Hole be changed to accomplish this?

Simply add a tab into the settings section of the webui, with a textbox for insert the token of the bot and another textbox for insert the chat id to send the notifications

The monitoring part can be optional, but can be great if implemented

Which notifications?

If something goes wrong with the system, or a daily recap of the number of requests blocked and not, total client connected, etc…

Also using it as a logger for events like new block list added or new blocked domains or new devices can be useful

Such notifications do not exist at this time and would need to be defined more precisely to ever bee able to investigate this feature request in more detail.

Could be something like this, but with the only difference that this official thing working fine

If you’re running androidthen why not just use FlutterHole .

Ok if you want to access it from outside of your local network you will have to set up port forwarding rules etc on your router/firewall