Synology docker Pihole not blocking or logging (with PfSense)

Expected Behaviour:

display blocking activity in WebUI from various home LAN clients. pfSense router is configured to point to Synology for DNS. PiHole docker is using host network configuration.

Actual Behaviour:

Initially dashboard and query log did not populate, after about 30 minutes the only logs of blocks are for hostnames pi.hole and localhost

Debug Token:

I had to change a number of settings on my router to enable pihole. I had simply changed the DNS server IP address but with pfsense there are a number of additional steps.

that said, the pihole logs still do not get accurate client information but at least it more involved with the blocking of all clients on the WAN.

This reddit post has some procedures to remedy the DHCP issue:

Will update if this was the fix. What confuses me are the static IP inputs in DNS resolver / General Settings in pfSense vs. continuing to use my static mappings in the interfaces DHCP section themselves.

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