Switch from Beta to Stable when 5.0 is released

Hello guys,

will it be possible to switch from the beta channel to the stable channel once Pi-hole 5 will be released?

Thanks in advance

Yep, pihole checkout master will do it.


Thank you all for the fantastic job on getting 5.0 out

I just switched from beta to master using that command and had no issues.

now that 5.0 is available, should we still stay on the beta if we want to help you with testing?

No. The Beta 5.0 will no longer be maintained. Development work will be done on the dev branch.

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I guess the next "public" beta will be v6?

That will likely be the case.

If you want to help with future development, then you can use the development branches. They are without warranty and may break during use, but they are available.

I was happy to help by testing beta 5... but I'm not ready to go with dev branch, which might be a lot less stable at the beginning... my wife will kill me if I do it! :wink:

thank you for your hard work!

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