Support of "list of lists"

First of all hello :slight_smile:

PiHole itself runs completely independently. But it is not so easy to keep up to date with the lists.

Therefore I have a script in use which fetches a list of lists from the following link and puts them into piHole.

But it would be extremely helpful if piHole would support such lists. This would reduce the maintenance effort, especially when switching from piHole 4 to piHole 5 (switching to a database).


Is it ok/permitted to just push the post up again?

Pi-hole already support adding multiple lists.

You just need to copy and paste a list of lists on the web interface:

All lists will be added.

What you want is to create a logic to compare all current lists with your "list of lists" and pi-hole would decide which ones should be removed?
How would this work on a list update? Pi-hole should keep only the lists on your new "list of lists" and remove all others? What if a user wants to have 2 or 3 "lists of lists"? The user will need to manually edit all "lists of lists" into a single one and import?

I think this would be the same as simply removing all current lists and import the new ones (using copy/paste, like the example above).

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Another option is to get the adlists correct and save a backup using Settings > Teleporter. This can be used on a new setup to import just the adlists (untick everything except Adlists), thus restoring them all in an instant.

The problem is not to enter the lists. The list of Firebog change from time to time. I don't want to constantly go to the link and check the list for changes.

Therefore I have a simple script which empties the DB and fills it with the lists from firebog (this runs now once a week automatically). But I thought it would be nice if piHole would support this directly. Since Firebog is very popular in the community, I'm sure others will be happy about such a change.

The question is how to set up the sync. We could create a table for the "lists of lists". And then we could store the ID of the respective "list of lists" in the list table. So when updating the respective "lists of lists" we could selectively delete the old lists and replace them with the new ones. Then we would only have to make a "distinct" on the lists to avoid duplications.

I have to say that the word "list" has been used way too often in this post.

I know this might only be a work around, but you cloud use github actions to merge on list out of the list of list and auto merge the changes everyday. Afterward you only have to add on list to pi-hole and setup a cron-job to update your DB (pihole -g).

This way you avoid "emptying" your DB manually.

I think it would be much simpler if you create your own hosts list based on any lists you want (like @n-stone suggested, or using another method) and Pi-hole import your updated list every time.

As I said, I have a script that already solves my "problem" reliably. So I am not looking for any other solution.

The only other solution for me would be to support "list of lists" in pi-Hole directly.

WaLLy3K's list ( I think is so popular because many people do not want to constantly deal with which lists are still maintained and which are not. This task would be done by "list of lists".

So I think it would be very nice if there would be such a function natively in pi-Hole. Then we would only have to store a "List of Lists" during an installation and we would never have to think about lists again.

Technically, it's just a matter of getting the "list of lists" at a certain interval and syncing it with the normal lists. The rest of gravity would probably remain untouched.

It would be nice to have this as an added additional host from which the list of lists is downloaded.