[Suggestion] Always use HTTPS

It would be nice to see a setting in web to always enable HTTPS.

This way if you have set up an SSL, it would always redirect to HTTPS

I believe you can edit the pihole.toml settings, under all settings in the web interface, to set port to "80r,[::]:80r,443s,[::]:443s” for example. (Or directly edit pihole.toml to port = "80r,[::]:80r,443s,[::]:443s”)

The r stands for redirect.

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I've done that, but it redirects to the IP of my server, not the domain, despite it being set in webserver.domain?

What does curl -vL <your fqdn> show?

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Please try FTL from custom branch tweak/auth_domain using

pihole checkout ftl tweak/auth_domain

The name is a bit misleading, but it seems they have already recognized this themselves:

edit Connected PR

This works now! Thanks. Would be good to have this as a setting though that’s easily able to turn off/on.

Since you have full control about the ports string, I am not sure right now how we'd add such a setting without adding a possible conflict between these two settings... Any ideas are welcomed and will be discussed!