Subdomain Blocking

I recommend adding a feature so subdomains can be blocked while leaving the higher domain free. I ask for this feature because there are websites where their ads are pulled up through a subdomain.
A prominent example of this is the site kissanime. They load their ads like “”, and so if you could block the /ads subdomain without blocking the base domain, you would be able to cripple all of their ads while still being able to view the site.

/ads is actually a subdirectory off the web server and not a domain portion. Pi-hole only knows that you are going to the .ru domain only.

Bad example (I realized later), but it’d still be a nice feature. Such as if you’re ok with someone accessing one part of a website, but not another

You should be able to exact block and still be able to access

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If you want for example block certain sub-reddits and others not, it won’t work with and still accessing

Is it possible to include an else/if statement in pi-hole to see if it is a sub-directory or not and block or block not depending on that? - sry no programmer at all myself ^^

Or is it, that pi-hole can’t see in which sub-directory you are, since it only asks what the domain is?

In the URL the only information Pi-hole sees is The only thing Pi-hole can block is either or You can blacklist exact and still visit Pi-hole does not know anything else.

Have a look at this page of uBlock:

It not the only blocker that does this.