Still seeing youtube ads?

Hi there, I installed Pi-Hole two days ago and was working fine for all of about a day and a half, now I'm still seeing YouTube ads on almost every video on my phone, what's the cause for this?

I also have a 3-4 second pause on most videos before they start to play but this is only on my PC, I don't see any ads on my PC. Not sure why one would be blocking and one wouldn't, also I do have my phone setup correctly because it seems to block most other ads on webpages just fine.

On a side note, does anyone know how to blocked the ads on 4oD/All4 they seem impossible to blocked no matter what I whitelist!


Please see these two threads:

Turn off QUIC in Chrome helps neutralize the ads for Youtube.

I've found every video starts as the tab opens.

Using firefox 6.0.1 on linux /fedora.
Pi-Hole version 3.0
DNS is, (which is cloudflare)
raspberry pi 3.
I was testing speeds out and noticed I no longer have ads in youtube as well.