StevenBlack from 500.000 to 160.00 entries because of "Update Gravity"


I installed pi-hole only with the StevenBlack adlist a few weeks ago and had over 500.000 entries in the adlist on the Dashboard.

I deaktivated StevenBlack today to test another blacklist and later deaktivated the new blacklist and aktivated StevenBlack again.

Now StevenBlack doesn't have 500.000 antries anymore, it only has 160.000...

How can it be? And how many entries should be in the StevenBlack list?

After every change of blacklist I used "Update Gravity".

As of yesterday:

Number of domains on this list: 162389

Are you referring to as of Pi-hole's default? According to Steven Black/hosts GitHub, that list is currently ~160k entries strong and never had 500k entries in the last few years.