Statistics not showing in Dashboard

I uploaded my debug log yesterday. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question. Everything seems to be working correctly, ads are being blocked and dns server is working. The only issue I'm having is that no statistics are being displayed on the Dashboard web interface. My token is p0pu70vb5x. Thank you for your time.

Did you see this?

I flushed the web browser cache. I ran the command "service pihole-FTL restart" and received the response below.

rm: cannot remove '/var/run/pihole/FTL .sock': No such file or directory
FTL started!

I still am not seeing any statistics on the Dashboard. Thank you for your help.

Can you try:

sudo chown pihole:pihole -R /var/run/pihole
sudo service pihole-FTL start

I received the same response as in my previous post.

Make a new debug token. Also, what is the output of this command?

echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711

domains_being_blocked 121065
dns_queries_today 0
ads_blocked_today 0
ads_percentage_today 0.000000
unique_domains 0
queries_forwarded 0
queries_cached 0
clients_ever_seen 0
unique_clients 0
status enabled

Please make a new debug token.

Thanks for your help. 1a6r46cak7

You're running an out of date version of Raspbian, wheezy, which is EOL. Update to Raspbian Stretch.

I followed the instructions below that I found on another post and now everything works. Thank you for all of your time and help.

cd /etc/.pihole
sudo git fetch --tags
sudo git checkout v3.2.1
cd /var/www/html/admin
sudo git fetch --tags
sudo git checkout v3.2.1
pihole -r
pihole checkout ftl v2.13.2

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