Statistic Improvement

I likek that Projekt a lot and i´ve been searching long for this and it´s very good too :slight_smile: so thx at any DEV and supporter vor this Projekt.

I have just two things i would like to get better.

  1. More Options for Statistics. day week month year options for the count of any Querys.

  2. More then 10 Top domains (a extra section for that ?)

  3. Filter for device ip ? so i can see all statistics for any device/ip

  4. i have for example at youtube lags when there is an ad as video then its lags vor a few seconds and then the videos playback starts. is it a timeout ? can i set it smaller ?

and sry for my bad english but i hope anyone understand what i say :slight_smile:

  1. With the upcoming rewrite (featuring a database) this will be easier to accomplish, but currently we do use logrotate, so you should be able to access the raw logs from up to 5 days ago: Use logrotate for pihole.log by DL6ER · Pull Request #1130 · pi-hole/pi-hole · GitHub
  2. The API does support this, but we have yet to add an option to change it from the default of 10.
  3. There is a search box on the Query Log page, and if you click on any of the clients under Top Clients on the main page it will show you the queries made by that client.
  4. Youtube has been very difficult to block, and the effects of Pi-hole on Youtube have been very diverse. The banner ads have been blocked, but the video ads are either blocked, blacked out (like what you see), or are still there. There are a few threads trying to figure out Youtube ad blocking, but it is still unsolved.
    How do I block ads on YouTube?
    Youtube 10-Second Black Screen