Static IP shows pi as unkown

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Expected Behavior:

Ip should set static and have a domain name listed on the pihole and router.

Actual Behavior:

Pi sets static ip perfectly but domain name is listed as “unknownb827eb8309b7” and it is affecting other devices on the network listing them as “unknown******” “”* = random digits"" on the router and within piholes “Settings>Dhcp”.

Also this use to not be a problem everything is a fresh install no extra additions have been made to the clean installed pi using the latest version of raspbian stretch.

Debug Token:

I just realized this happens with or without a static ip idk why it will not set the host name on each device to something other than unknown.

The hostnames are what the device has provided the DHCP server. Are you sure this is a Pi-hole issue? When you say “domain name”, do you mean hostname?

Your DHCP router setting is incorrect ( vs expected

Basically i setup pi hole my router shows a list of all devices and it shows each devices name.
Device Name / Device IP etc…

But when i disable DHCP (Which is all my router allows me to do it will not allow me to add a new DNS it forces the DNS it has with it. Thank you very much AT&T…) It dose this to my device list.

Just to add this has never been a problem before. I have used pi-hole for a very long time and this has just now became an issue. I reinstalled the exact same version of Raspbian and it started to show it’s issues then upgraded to the new Raspbian OS but still showed the issue so i downgraded back and once again even with 3 re installs of the OS it dose it still. I did manually set the IP static in the pi’s DHCPCD.conf file but I have removed that for the sake of fixing this issue.

Also yes i did catch that after posting the issue and after fixing it it still shows issues.

(Referring to

Do you see the unknown hostnames on your router’s interface or Pi-hole? We don’t control what the router’s interface shows.

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