Static blocking lists missing under "Blacklist" panel

I do no longer see the list of URLs that point to files that contain blacklist entries as depicted with

All the static list of URLs under the title “Exact blocking” seems to be gone for some reason. I do not recall since when. Maybe this happened during the last update?

I have uploaded the debug info with token ID “irvux8invc” (without quotes) in the hope you may be able to spot the origin of the problem.

There are two types of lists used with Pi-Hole. Blocklists are publicly maintained lists of domains, to which you subscribe. You enter the URL of the blocklist in your web GUI and Pi-Hole goes to that URL and obtains those domains.

These lists are found in the Web GUI under Settings > Blocklists. According to your debug log, you are subscribed to 45 block lists, but they won’t show up on the panel you showed in your post.

The other type of lists are local lists, and that is the panel you are showing. Your debug log shows that you have no entries in your blacklist file, so this panel correctly shows no entries.

URLs that point to files with blacklists?
You are not perhaps looking for a different configuration page, like Settings|Blocklists ?

Oh yes, thank you for the clarification.

Got distracted from picture in the PiHole home page. Have found the right configuration page :relaxed:

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