[Solved] Pi-Hole is blocking Draftkings updates?

I'm having an issue where Draftkings contests are not updating automatically. I have to manually refresh the page. The weird thing is if I "disable Pi-Hole for 10 seconds", whatever service Draftkings is trying to use connects, and even after Pi-Hole starts working again (after the 10 second timer) DraftKings updates normally. I can't tell what is being blocked from the logs, it's not draftkings.com (that's allowed through), but I've whitelisted it anyway with no luck. Hopefully without confusing matters, I've noticed the Fantasy Points displayed at the bottom-right of the lineup actually do seem to update automatically, it's just the players stats/points and standings/points that don't update without a manual refresh.

Anyone know what the service is that DK uses that's being blocked?

Thank you

Solution: Whitelisted "js.pusher.com" and draftkings is working properly again.

Details about my system:
FreeNAS ubuntu VM
Pi-hole v5.3.1
Web Interface v5.5
FTL v5.8.1

Only blocking firebog.net :heavy_check_mark: lists (with the auto sync)

Thank you, I thought I had done enough looking at the logs...but after seeing a "js.pusher.com" blocked in between my initial draftkings.com queries, I checked the source of draftkings and sure enough it's there...I whitelisted that and it seems to be working now. Of course like I said, it's finicky and works after temporarily disabling Pi-Hole (even after restarting my browser), so I won't really know if it's worked for good until next weeks DK contest I do.

edit: confirmed working via incognito mode.