[SOLVED] No name devices in pihole conected to network [SOLVED]

hi pals I am trying to understand this pihole server with unbound in my nextmox and I have already mounted my 1st test and it has worked for me as it says, very well

Now I have just installed another one that will be the one I use throughout my network through my openwrt router, but despite the fact that I configure the Conditional forwarding in DNS of setting, I do not get the names of my computers, I wish someone could tell me what I am doing wrong and how can i fix it thanks

I put some captures of the 1st pihole with some equipment added manually and of my 2nd pihole (the fixed one) in addition to the configuration of my openwrt router

Details about my system:
proxmox VE 7.2.11
template ubuntu server 22, Pi-hole v5.13 FTL v5.18.2 Web Interface v5.16

this is the solution for openwrt routers thanks for the guide to know better pihole too


uci add_list dhcp.lan.dhcp_option='6,'
uci commit
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

Or go to Network / Interfaces / LAN / DHCP Server / Advanced Settings -> DHCP-Options and add 6, in the box.

That option makes dnsmasq tell DHCP clients to send their DNS queries directly to the Pi-Hole IP.

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