[solved] Ads being detected but not blocked

Expected Behaviour:

[Ads should be blocked]

Actual Behaviour:

[But atually I can see 8.000 total queries and none of which is blocked. DHCP on pi-hole enabled, on router - disabled]
PFA screenshots attached

ipconfig shows the only DNS server and it’s correct (PI’s IP)

Debug Token:

[Your debug token is: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/sey0pozjsw!]

Take a look at the top-right of your first screenshot: you have zero domains on your blocklist.
I guess if you visit http://pi.hole/admin/settings.php?tab=blocklists there are no entries, or the lists are unchecked.

If you have no entries add these lists to your blocklist.

There are entries and all are checked

Eh, uncheck all -> check all solved everything. Thanks mibere.

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