Would be nice of there was a backup/restore, and a snapshot stack for settings.

WTF, I have to wait 31 seconds to submit an idea??? Too many good ideas. My time is too valuable for that. You get one more try, and I am moving on. That’s what moderators are for! grrr!


There are limits in place to stop spam. Remain calm, we’ll get there together!


That is what moderators are for.

I just spent 10 minutes typing up some good ideas, and was told by the system I have to wait 21 hours to post again.
Really? Good ideas may come from users during their initial tryout, and this pace wizzes them off in paranoia?

You think I am going to spend time to come back and retype those ideas?

I have better things to do than to spend time giving out free advice to an LLC. I have my own LLC, and the 10 minutes I blew is worth dollars to me and my family.

It takes less time to fork the darrn project and throw my own darn paypal button on a DNS server.

Get a moderator team.


We work on this project in our free time, and do not have the time to spend moderating because, as you say, time is worth money. We’d rather spend time developing the project than cleaning up spam. We will look into how effective the current spam prevention limits are, and may change some things, but being aggressive is not going to help anything.


Good for you. Learn to manage your free time.

Remember we are an open source FREE project, written and managed by volunteers in our SPARE time. We all have full time jobs outside of this, this is what we do for fun.

According to your website you value your hours at $100 per. If you’re that upset I’ll PayPal you the $1.66 that your 10 minutes wasted supposedly stopped you from earning.


No. You are an apparently an open source project collecting “donations” collected by a Limited Liability Company. Somehow, I doubt the books and accounting are open source. Apparently, my identity is not safe here either. Apparently, you accessed my account info (that does not list my name).

You might do will to learn basic mathematics before taking on coding. That’s $16.67, and I expect you to be a man of your word, so sure, please pay up.

I think you are missing the big picture… It’s not a “donation”, it is a corporate “contribution”. If you need help moderating the forum so you get more feedback, then ask for it. Make a sign 10% of the size of the “donation” credit card space, and say “get involved”. Otherwise, it’s just a closed deal of “volunteers” collecting with a tin can rattling for “donations” like you’re some sort of charity.

I support what you’re doing, and I came here to help by spending my time to make good suggestions, but I cannot do that, because the system turns me away, and, so do you.

Perhaps you need help. Like, real volunteers to help moderate. They do the work, you collect the dough, and at the end of the day, you have to account for the taxes due on the fair market value of the free work that was provided to the LLC. That’s how that works.

Now you say “volunteers working”, and the LLC is collecting cash “donations”. I assume the LLC pay taxes on that gain, using better math than your providing above?

PiHole is very popular. I see a lot of numbers posted. How free are the stats on the installed user base?

I think you do well not to run off folks coming here to give you feedback. The “Old School” method would be to say “thank you very much for you valuable feedback, and please bear with us” (or even jump in and help), but I don’t think your methods or going to work very well.

I hope that is lesson learned. Good customer relation skills are important, you never know what good, or bad will come from it. The goal is “good”.

There ya go. I will follow your suggestion to manage my free time better, by no longer submitting my suggestions, bug reports and shortfalls here.



This is getting ridiculous. I’l try to end this.

@Code4Sale You have come here to share your ideas, which is of course greatly appreciated, but as soon as you had to wait because of restrictions in order to reduce spam you got aggressive, which is not acceptable.

You proceeded to argue about how you could have made money in this time or if it’s called a “donation” or “contribution”. I would like to remind you of the time you used to write all this, i’m sure you can use your time better than this.

If you want to share ideas or report a bug you’re welcome to do that but if you are just going to attack the developers you should leave.


Thank you @Skittels.

@Code4Sale, we will investigate your feature request.



This has been partially implemented by allowing you to import/export your black and white lists via Pi-hole Teleporter.