Smart TV ad blocking

I saw this post in twitter by the Prof. from Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) that smart TV are trackers (hahaha news!)

would it make sense to curate a clear and specific list for these ‘SMART TV’ only - so that the average joe can install and not get his FB or other social media from the phone/PC blocked - but at least TV habits will remain blocked.

This should not be a feature request. The Pi-Hole developers do not create or maintain any block lists. Block lists are maintained and provided by users. I’ll move it to “customizing Pi-Hole”.

In the short term, if you look at your query log and find domains that appear to be trackers, then blacklist them locally.

There is no code in Pi-Hole that can be changed to accomplish this.

I have not test the development of “internal” blocking and have a glance at the commits.

I assume this will be only applying to blocklists. Having this for black/white-lists can be very complicate.

Also if this becomes availble then can create your own blocklist and load this and activste this list for your “group” smart-TV.

This could become available in the future and is not yet available.