Slow Cloudflare response times when using unbound & DNS over TLS

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Expected Behaviour:

The actual response times of cached entries using are perfect and expected.
Pi-hole and unbound are working fine.
Queries which are not cached are send to cloudflare

name: “.”
forward-ssl-upstream: yes
forward-tls-upstream: yes

Actual Behaviour:

The query time for non-cached entries are very high, typically 200-400ms
Is that typical or something to expect when using DNS over TLS?


Debug Token:

Unbound has no official support here but firstly you use twice the secure connection and loose one:

forward-ssl-upstream: yes
forward-tls-upstream: yes

Keep only the TLS version.

In the later versions of Unbound TLS connections are being optimized by re-using earlier connections. Now, each time the secure connection is completely set up making it slower and might be what you seeing.

Thanks for your reply.
I tried your suggestion but no change to the query time.
But I accept that this is not an unbound forum, just tried my luck :slight_smile:

It is me again, after 16 hours I can indeed confirm that your proposed solution helped to improve the situation.
The average query time is now below 200ms

minimal-responses: yes
forward-tls-upstream: yes

I think minimal-responces is helping with having a lower resolving time.

       forward-ssl-upstream: <yes or no>
              Alternate syntax for forward-tls-upstream.

So that would not increase speed but it is cleaner to have only one in the config.

Pleased that you tackled this.

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