Sling TV Login Problems on website

Seems Sling TV has made a recent change to their login page or a domain has recently been added to the blacklist. I tracked down the blocked domain that is causing the log in problem as There is an element on the Sling TV login web page that calls this domain. If the domain is blocked, the element can’t load and renders the login button as useless.

If you whitelist this domain, the functionality of the login button returns and you can login to the Sling TV webpage.

We do not create or curate the block lists. If you run pihole -q -exact -adlist you can see the list that has added that domain. Contacting the list creator will help resolve any issues.

Yup. Just posting this for others who have the same problem. Took me a bit to track down the problem. Want to save others the time of chasing this. Not a complaint against the Pi-hole. :slight_smile: