Sling Latest Update - Blocked by Pi-Hole

The latest update of the Sling app on our home Roku devices is now being blocked by our network Pi-Hole.

Sling Rev: 8.108 Build: 14261

All of our Roku devices stopped working with the Sling app on the latest update.
After contacting both Roku support and Sling support, on a hunch I disabled my Pi-Hole to eliminate the possible issue and all devices started working again.

Reviewing the Pi-Hole Query Log, I'm not able to determine what network call is causing the issue. I don't see anything being blocked from my Roku devices.

Just wondering... Has anyone else experienced this issue since the latest Sling app update?
Just curious.

I'll continue troubleshooting and update once I determine the offending network call.


You can try to use Tools > Tail pihole.log to watch in real time what is being blocked.

Keep that page open in your browser, try to update your system and watch the log.

Look for lines in red (blocked).
If the update fails, but nothing shows up as blocked on the log, than the issue is not caused by Pi-hole.

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