Show Us Your Pi-hole®; Win A Raspberry Pi (3 Models Available)

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Despite the dirty title this blog post has, we think it would be fun to see how you have your Pi-hole® setup, so we have the following to give away:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi ZeroW
  • Raspberry Pi 3
If you'd like a chance to win one, submit to us a picture of how you are using your Pi-hole.

Send your submissions to with the subject "Showing off my Pi-hole"

Unfortunately, we have had some bad experiences in the past with running a contest, so we reserve the right to not to send out any prizes and modify this contest at our discretion. But if everyone plays nice, we'll pick our three favorites and they will each get a model of the Raspberry Pi mentioned above (you can only win one, not all three). We will also feature the winners in another blog post (if they want).

We'll also send out some Pi-hole stickers to anyone who came close to winning. If there aren't that many people that participate, we'll just send out stickers to everyone.

What Kind Of Pictures Do We Want To See?

Here's some examples of what we'd like to see and will consider:
  • a picture of the dashboard running on an HDTV in your office
  • a picture of chronometer running on an LCD screen mounted in a server rack
  • a picture of Pi-hole stats being shown in other methods (i.e. as part of a Magic Mirror)

Here's a few things that we won't consider for the contest:

  • direct screenshots of the dashboard
  • direct pasting of screenshots or command line output


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That was fun!
And I've got to say, this is one of like 2 or 3 contests I've entered.

Oh, and just included my pi b+ for good measure.

Pi2 running Minibian with a 7" LCD dedicated to running Chronometer 2... No, the web interface isn't out of date, it's a bug :smirk:

Web interface with the Speedtest Module installed. (No worries, guys, I totally understand why it's not included, I just like it).

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Man, what is happening on your network with 91% blocked queries?

The original is always the best!

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lots from my samsung tv :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

just nice on the two lcd setups.

Using my Pocket Chip for display, the pi-hole is running on Rasbperry Pi 3 inside the black 3D-printed box behind the Pocket Chip.

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I just have to press one button to open the Chronometer with auto login, maximized on my second monitor. Love it <3


It´s really easy to do this. Let me explain how i did it:

-Open PuTTY

-In the Category "Session" (1) enter your Pi´s IP-Address (2)
-Give that Session the name "PiHole" (3)
-Save settings (4)

-In the Category "Window" (5) change Columns (6) to 60 and Rows (7) to 20
-Check "When window is rezized: Change the size of the font" (8)
-Uncheck "Display scrollbar in full screen mode (9)

-In the Category "Behaviour" (10) check "Ensure window is always on top" (11) and "Full screen on Alt-Enter" (12)

-In the Category "Colours" (13) click on "Cursor Colour" (14) and change RGB values all to 0 (15)
-Go back to the Category Session (1) and save again (4)

Now you are done with the PuTTY settings and you can close it.

-Right click on your Desktop, New, Create Shortcut
-Enter the following line into the text-field, change the path of your PuTTy-folder. The option "-load PiHole" loads your previous settings, made in PuTTY. The option "-ssh pi@" enters user "pi" at the IP-Address of your Pi, of course you have to change it to YOUR IP-Address. The option "-pw PASSWORD" is YOUR LOGIN PASSWORD.

"C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load PiHole -ssh pi@ -pw PASSWORD

-When you saved that shortcut, right click on it and give it the "Shortcut-Key" CTRL + ALT + P (20). Click on "OK" to save it

What I did now, is to assign a "Key-Sequence" to one of my programmable Keys on my G15-Keyboard. It automatically presses "CTRL + ALT + P" to start the shortcut, waits 2 seconds until the login is complete, enters "pihole -c" to the command line of the Pi and presses "ALT + ENTER" to maximize the window.

I hope everything is understandable for you ´cause english isn´t my native language :slight_smile:

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Creating a Pi-hole TouchBar app for macOS! Still a work in progress.



Here is mine.

Pi-Hole running on my new orangepi one on Armbian. Little but useful.

Really happy to have discover Pi-Hole.

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Am I late for the party.
Pi-Hole just came yesterday to YunoHost.
It was a long wait for about an year.
Here is Pi-Hole running on YunoHost :smile:

My room is filled with my colors,bear with me.

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I'm loving that touch bar app...will it be open source?

Yes it will be, I just have not uploaded it to GitHub yet since I still need to implement some things for it to be a complete project.


Running Pihole on Turris Omnia router with TurrisOS based on OpenWRT system in LXC container all trafic is redirected to the Pihole Virtual container

works very fine :slight_smile:

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