Setting up Pi-Hole, NordVPN and Cloudflared

There seem to be a lot of good guides and docs provided on the various pi-hole platforms, but i can’t seem to get things setup for my usage.

I’m trying to setup Pi-Hole to run on a Raspberry Pi B+, while properly using NordVPN and want to make sure I’m using DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

I got Pi-Hole setup using Cloudflared and it was working, only to find additional guides on setting up OpenVPN to get NordVPN setup but they seem to conflict one another, specifically around setting up DHCP and what my DNS should be and where it should be set.

Anyone able to provide a clearer picture? If it’s important, i’m using a Asus RT-AC86U router w/ Merlin firmware

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Not quite understanding what you want to do here.

You want to have your raspberry pi connected via VPN to NordVPN (and use Pi-hole as it’s DNS) and then remotely connect to the raspberry say from your phone ?

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