Setting up Pi-Hole behind corporate network


I have Pi-Hole set up at work to act as DHCP and DNS server for devices on an isolated network. My work machine is connected to the isolated network via a USB NIC and the RJ45 connector on my work machine is connected to the corporate network.

Pi-Hole and the firewall settings don’t get along to well and causes my browsing experience to slow down. When I pihole -t, all I see are queries and forwards, I never see any caches-nor does the GUI show any. When Pi-Hole is plugged in and I run nslookup from my work machine, it returns Pi-Hole network info. If I unplug Pi-Hole and run nslookup, it points to the corporate DNS server (I assume) and my browsing experience returns to normal. I wouldn’t have expected all my browsing traffic to go through Pi-Hole since it’s on a different subnet (192.186 versus 10.113) and NIC.

I really only need Pi-Hole for the DNS/DHCP features for the devices on my isolated network. What is the best way to configure Pi-Hole to work best with corporate network settings that I have no control over? Is Pi-Hole the best solution for what I"m trying to do? I guess I could just leave it unplugged when I don’t need to use it.

Thanks in advance.



You are using Pi-hole for DNS (it seems) when you are connected to the Pi-hole network. This is likely happening due to the DHCP service telling your computer to use Pi-hole for DNS. You can change your computer settings to not use DHCP settings for that network, and then you won’t use Pi-hole for DNS.



By this you mean configure the IPv4 settings for the NIC that is connected to the PI-Hole network to use a static IP address?

Since the Pi-Hole network doesn’t have internet access, what do I set as the gateway (router) field in the Pi-Hole UI, the managed switch that all devices are connected to?



If you don’t have traffic going through the Pi-hole network, then you don’t need a gateway. It sounds like your issue is external to Pi-hole then?


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