Setting a backup DNS on the router


Having the same issue (keep Internet while my Raspberry is off), could you tell me what is the solution?
I put a secondary DNS on my router but am unable to access pi.hole/admin while I do that.

Please, what solution do you use to stay connected while the raspberry is disconnected?

Edit : sorry, I thought that it was better to continue on an existing topic...

Setup :

  • I have the Pi connected to my Internet provider's box;
  • my router is connected to the box and all peripherals in my house are connected to this router;
  • 2 DNS are specified to the router : Primary : the Pi, secondary : another one from my Internet Provider;

Problems :

  • pi.hole/admin is not active anymore when a secondary DNS is specified;
  • I specified 2 DNS for when the Pi is disconnected from the network but apparently both are constantly used;

Thank you

A Pi-hole should have close to 24/7 uptime, as it's an essential part of the network. If your Pi-hole is not always on, consider installing Pi-hole on a system that is always on, or manually switch the DNS server on the router when you turn the Pi-hole off and on. Since many devices use the "primary" and "secondary" DNS servers interchangeably, you will run into problems if you have a backup DNS server alongside the Pi-hole in the router's DNS settings.

Why is your Raspberry getting disconnected (I suppose saving some small amount of energy)?

Mine at home did never cause any issues over more than half a year of continuous runtime. Having said that, I have redundancy installed in the enterprise environment in which I use Pi-hole (> 50 clients). It is as simple as setting up two Raspberries, preferably in different locations.

Because I was afraid of killing it by letting him always ON. Its temperature is 51.5°C in idle (normal?) so I thought it is hard for such a small thing to keep warm so long.
But I will leave it alone if it is not that weak.
Thank you!

The raspberry pi should be fine <70 degrees Celsius.


When the Soc hits 85 it is clocked back to reduce temperature.

Thanks for the link.
I saw yesterday a small red thermometer while I was looking at some Youtube videos on Chromium (very stuttered at 720P/1080p).
It is my first Raspberry and so told myself that I was asking a bit much to it and should consider sparing it sometimes.