Serving poxy.pac or wpad.dat files with v6

Hi there,

I currently use pi-hole v5 and serve a proxy.pac and wpad.dat via lighttpd. Since v6 doesn't use lighttpd anymore, did you consider serving these proxy config files via FTL, or will it be necessary to run lighttpd in parallel?

Try placing them in /var/www/html, Pi-hole v6's build-in http server uses that directory as www root.

I'll try that. How mature is v6 right now. Is in a state to us as a daily driver?

I've personally been running it as a daily driver since very early on in development. It's pretty mature right now, we just have to get our arses in gear and find some time to get together and ensure the upgrade path is smooth.

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Just a note:

This may eventually work, but Pi-hole v6 web server was developed with Pi-hole web interface pages in mind.
There is no guarantee other pages or services will be correctly served, now or in future versions.

Fair point.
I would personally use nginx or lighttpd and proxy pass /admin to Pi-hole's webserver.

That is what I might end up doing. Since I'm not sure if pi-hole's web server would assign the correct mime type.