Server not found for many sites - having to refresh

In Firefox and Chrome after several seconds when attempting to resolve a site for the first time it is failing with a ‘server not found’ message, refreshing and trying again invariably works.

I am running pi-hole on a raspberry pi, I only enabled ipv4 during installation as my plusnet router doesn’t support ipv6. I’ve set the router dns to the pihole ip address.

Debug Token:


Your debug log shows that Pi-Hole is working properly. Are you seeing the queries from the client and replies back to the client? Check /var/log/pihole.log, and you can live tail this log with pihole -t

A few unrelated notes from your debug log:

  1. You are running Jessie, which is nearing EOL. Pi-Hole supports both Stretch and Buster if you decide to upgrade. Note that you can upgrade in place without a clean reinstall.

  2. Your long term database does not appear to be functioning.

[2019-10-29 19:19:46.624 29795] SQLite3 message: cannot open file at line 38452 of [0eca3dd3d3] (14)
[2019-10-29 19:19:46.624 29795] SQLite3 message: os_unix.c:38452: (2) open(/etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.db) -  (14)
[2019-10-29 19:19:46.625 29795] check_database(14): Disabling database connection due to error
[2019-10-29 19:19:46.625 29795] Creating new (empty) database

Thank you for the quick reply, things are working much better since I added pi-hole to both the primary and secondary DNS addresses in my router configuration, I had left the secondary one blank, suspect this may have been the cause of the failed requests.

I’ll get Raspbian upgraded and look at the database error you spotted.

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