Select which devices are blocked

I have installed PiHole on my home Network and it is working fine.
However my partner is compiling that she wants to see adverts when browsing the internet.

Can I configure PiHole so that her iPad does to get adverts filtered by PiHole?

I guess you mean "Can I configure PiHole so that her iPad does not to get adverts filtered by PiHole?

Go to group ganagement, create a group "unfiltered", go to clients and assign her device's IP to the new group. Done.

Hi Yes, I want the iPad to NOT have adverts blocked.

I have done as you suggested and the iPad still has adverts block. The browser hangs with the url bar reporting

Do I need to restart the Pi-Hole to make the changes active?

No, it doesn't need a restart.

After you have disabled blocking for that device it can take some minutes until all previously blocked ads are shown, because the device uses it's cache for DNS lookups for a certain amount of time.

You can check the query log if requests from that device are still being blocked (they should not).

My query log only appears to have entries from client

You've probably configured your router to use pihole as upstream DNS server on your WAN. So all clients still send all queries to your router first and then to pihole.

To make use of the group functions you have to configure your router in a way, that each client directly sends DNS queries to pihole. You do this by distribution pihole's IP as DNS server via DHCP to the clients. After changing this setting you have to dis/reconnect all clients to the network to pick up the new settings.

This is a problem, as per-client blocking depends on being able to differentiate clients.

I have changed the router setting to manually point at the ip address of the Pi-Hole. Should I change this setting back to "Obtain DNS Automatically"?

Then manually change the DNS setting on each client to point at the Pi-Hole IP address?

That could be quite long winded as we have lots of computers on out home network.

You can leave it, which means that also DNS queries from your router will be "filtered" by pihole. Just make sure that you don't use your router's IP as upstream DNS server in pihole. This would create a DNS loop.

No. If you set pihole's IP as DNS server somewhere in your router's DHCP settings, clients will get the information if they are set up to get their IP via DHCP (wich probably is the default unless you already configured the clients manually). Just dis/reconnect them once from the network (or restart your router)

Consider using the Pi-hole DHCP server and disabling DHCP on the router. With this setup, Pi-hole will know the IPs of individual clients and per-client blocking will work.

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