Seems to work, but it isn't

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Expected Behaviour:


Actual Behaviour:

doesn't block

Ok, so I set my pfsense router's name server to my pihole ip ( and my chromebook detects this ip as the ip for the name server, so that does seem correct. In pihole I tried adding to the blacklist to test if it's working, but google still loads. I see some things blocking though (from the ip of the chromebook), so it seems to be working, but the test fails.

Debug Token:

Your debug log says that your Pi-hole is at Try that.

Besides the wrong IP, there is another issue:

This won't happen.
You added a regex whitelist to allow The regex is (\.|^)google\.com$

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Additionally, whitelist entries override all blocking. So, when you whitelisted the entire google domain and subdomains, none of them will ever be blocked.

The order of precedence is:

  1. Exact Whitelist
  2. Regex Whitelist
  3. Exact Blacklist
  4. Blocklist domains (AKA gravity)
  5. Regex Blacklist

If a domain is found anywhere from top to bottom, FTL skips the rest of the tests.

Tried to change the IP, then I suddenly have no internet access. Also tried a website wich is certainly not in the allow list (my own site, and that didn't work either.