Safe Search for Groups?

Expected Behaviour:

Looking for a way to setup Safe Search only for specific groups

Actual Behaviour:

I only see a way to create cnames and have it affect all clients, not just specific groups

Debug Token:


Please explain/clarify.

Groups would be forced to specific cnames for some domains. I'd have the 'Kids Tablets' group use something like below...

YouTube *option to replace with,,,,,


Bing Family Filter,


CNAMEs don't work like that. You'll get no IP address returned if you do that.

Screenshot 2021-04-07 093432

Note that dig did not return an IP address and thus will not work.

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Apologies, I'm not a DNS expert... just saw other people saying they did it this way.

Would be great to 'redirect' DNS / Domains for specific PI Groups so kids would have "safe" searches.

It is likely they didn't do it this way.

they may not, saw it here.

Still, having a way to do this would be appreciated by many I'm sure.
A google search shows many threads on this over the last 5 years, just about PiHole (in a few sites)

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