'safe' list to use on my parents' network?



First of: I’m not looking for a ‘keep my family safe’ list that blocks gambling, porn and stuff. Rather a list that accepts some ads in return for 100% functionality of all services.

I’ve been using PiHole on my own network for some time and I absolutely love it! My phone couldn’t be faster and uBlock is almost sitting idle in Chrome on my PC.

I’ve been thinking of putting an old Pi at my parents to help them out. But I’ve read topics like these: click. It seems that even the default list can break some functionality in certain services or programs. For me this isn’t a problem, I’ll whitelist any site I encounter that has need of it. But I really don’t want to have to Teamviewer into my parents’ PC because Spotify doesn’t work… Youtube has errors or Windows seems to think there is no active internet connection.

I need a ‘low-maintenance’ list for my parents that will block most ads/tracking/malware but will favor functionality over a pure ad-free experience.

What list / config would suit my needs best?

TL:DR: Need list that will absolutely not mess with any functionality of Smart TV / Sonos / Spotify / Windows / etc but still block most ads/malware/tracking.



you might find a useful list here: https://wally3k.github.io/



Oh cheers that seems like a good place to start. ‘hands-off’ is also a much better term for the kind of list that I’m looking for.

I’ll try this one out, if anyone else has any other lists I’d much appreciate it!


is not a list by itself but a page where a Pi-hole user collected a ton of lists. It is neither recommended nor safe to add all of them, because most likely you will have to whitelist a lot afterwards (see also the warning on this page).


Yes I noticed.

I saw the warning and wasn’t planning on adding them all. Rather, I think I’ll add one or two from each section (ads, malware, tracking…) that have the :heavy_check_mark: and none from the ‘suspicious section’.


This part of his website http://v.firebog.net/hosts/ is interesting aswell