Running Two Pi-Holes on one PI


Is it possible to run two instances of PI-Hole on one Raspberry PI 3+, each set to a specific WLAN connection? That way I can set two DNS Servers, one for N/G network and one for A/C network and hopefully combine both output files into one?

I already have a dozen or more PIs, Pines, and even Mac Minis, so hardware isn’t the issue.

I’m asking before I start to try it. I am not new to Unix or Linux, but no way an expert.



Without using containers, you cannot run multiple instances of Pi-Hole on one Pi.

With the hardware you have available, in particular Pi’s, I would put a separate instance of Pi-Hole on each Pi and go from there.


I just stumbled across answer:





Can PiHole be installed in twice on the same Pi?

Not without using containers.

Thank you for quick response, is there any easy way to consolidate the log files from two PIs into One?

I have a NAS on my network if I could figure this out for combining and saving one set of logs that would be great.



PS; your right about PIs, My Pines software support and functionality as PI-Holes is lacking. I set one up and it caused more network issues than a PI ZeroW…

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your intent, but I’ve got 2 WLANs. My router is VLAN capable, so my primary (untagged) and guest clients (VLAN) are separated. I enabled the VLAN on my RPI, and everything works through a single Pi-hole instance. Only change on the pi was adding the VLAN.

I’m looking at doing this as well. What did you do exactly?

My Pihole instance is running on a full Linux server running Fedora 29, however, I also want to have sub-interfaces for separate VLANs: One for my LAN hosts, and one for IoT devices. I tried setting up the subinterfaces on the 01-pihole.conf file, but it doesn’t seem to like the configuration.

This contains the site with the info I used. My vlans file looks like:

auto eth0.10
iface eth0.10 inet manual
vlan-raw-device eth0
auto eth0.30
iface eth0.30 inet manual
vlan-raw-device eth0