Run pihole docker without web admin?

I used to run pihole on a raspberry pi without the web dashboard and logging, as I didn’t really find much of a need for either. The installer was really great at providing that level of customization.

I recently moved to a Fedora server and set up pihole via docker. I sort of disabled logging by pointing the logs at /dev/null, but I haven’t yet found a way to disable the dashboard. I realize lighttpd is…well, light, but it’s overhead I don’t have a need for. I read all of the documentation but didn’t find any quick-and-easy ways (like env variables). Is there a way to do this?


The easy way is just stop the web service of your running container: docker exec pihole service lighttpd stop - docker exec pihole ps -efH before and after running stop stop should confirm it stopped.

The hard way is to delve deeper into what makes the docker (s6-overlay) service start on container startup and stub it out with either volume mounts or building your own copy of the image.

Thank you! The easy way works for me!

I should add, I briefly mentioned disabling logging in my post and found a much better way to accomplish this, along the same lines as your solution for disabling the web service:

docker exec pihole logging off