Roving hotspot mode


Pi-hole is currently designed for home networks. I had an idea of how to make it mobile.

The idea is that the Pi-hole would provide a wireless hotspot, which devices could connect to. This wireless hotspot would use Pi-hole’s DNS server. To provide the hotspot, Pi-hole would connect to a public wifi network, but not use its default DNS server.

It would also need a different web interface. The reason is that the user would need to be able to tell Pi-hole what public network to connect to. It might also need to provide credentials or help it through a captive portal. Since what public networks will be available generally is not known in advance, it would be best if this can be configured easily on the go, even from a mobile phone. This is not required for this feature to work, however, since sometimes you do know in advance what networks you will connect to. For example, colleges usually have one huge network covering the entire campus.

You would also want password protection, of course.

Note that this mode would also have different hardware requirements then that of the regular home network mode. You would need:

  1. 2 WNICs. Since raspberry pis usually have only one, you could provide the other with a WiFi dongle. If it has none, you would need two WiFi dongles.
  2. A rechargeable battery, so you can rove.
  3. Someway to safely carry it. The best way for a raspberry pi would probably be to put it in a strong case, and then carry it in a bag with your other belongings. The case would also need to protect any peripherals, such as an external battery or WiFi dongles.

Sorry if this feature request is too big. I was hoping maybe it would be simpler than it sounds. In any case, I hope its useful in someway.

CREDITS: /u/hemingray provided the majority of the idea in this comment, and I just filled in some details.