Router connection question

So this is almost completely off topic, so if not permitted, please delete.

In the wake of this thread ive decided to switch from my ISP supplied and locked down router to one i have laying around.
Its a Belkin AC1200 F9J1106v4, which is 2 seperate units…the router and the modem, which is built into the power brick. Set up like so

I have previously used this, but this time roound i cannot seem to find the correct cable to connect the router to the modem.
Here is a photo of the connection on the modem. This needs to go to the ADSL pre filtered socket, similar to this one
Belkin tech support say RJ11, but i think they misunderstand me, as the socket on the modem, this one, is wider than RJ11, being clser to RJ45, but i dont think it is…

Any help on what cable to look for?


you might need one of these too (BT431A to RJ11 Phone Plug ADSL Adaptor):


and/or this:

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So I do need an RJ45 to RJ11?
Like this

I believe so.

RJ11 is for th ephone line.

You can test the fitting with your wire that goes to the phone as it’s the same connector.

On the router side, any network cable with RJ45 for fitting.

If it’s wider than the RJ45 then it’s an RJ50 (but i doubt that RJ50 was used here).

From the description, looks like it might work …

Thanks, I’ll pick up a cheap one to test