Roteador requisitando muitos HIT

I’ve been in trouble for 3 days. The router sending many requests and the pi-hole does not work!

It asks for update but nothing changes. Make thousands of requests, what would that be? Can someone help me? DD-WRT usage


We’ll need the debug token that was requested on the template that you should have filled out when posting this topic.

And how do you expect that Pi-hole is going to resolve the TLD “lan”.

The third domain contains wpad.lan besides many cryptic domains.
There seems a cause for this and that is the local network.

Generate a debug token so that support can help you.

Sorry, I’ll generate the log

Here it is!

I took it today so I could “understand” this, but I could not. I formatted my pc, router, smartphone, but nothing worked. Finding out that this only happens when you enable Conditional Forwarding, these domains start popping up and locking my Pi-hole.

These problems began to appear after my Pi-hole began to get “untagged”

The Pi-hole is installing on an old laptop running Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

Sorry my english I’m BR

The debug log shows nothing out of ordinary. The Untagged is just a display issue, it is not a change to any of the software.

Can you please detail exactly what you mean when you say it is not working? What is not working, and what do you expect that it should be doing in order to work correctly? I can’t see anything wrong.

The problem starts when I enable Conditional Forwarding, I receive many requests per second from the router, and Pi-hole hangs, does not block ads at all, I’m sending an example of the disabled function, everything works fine.

Update 2

One thing I noticed. I use Windows 10 1903, if I enable the Conditional Forwarding function everything works perfectly, but if I “disable and activate the internet” starts those requests that hangs all my pi-hole

Pi-hole working with Conditional Forwarding disabled

You most likely have a loop in your configuration. Conditional Forwarding should not point to a router that is set to use Pi-hole as it’s DNS server. Why are you using Conditional Forwarding?

As a side note, Pi-hole can handle many, many more queries than you are sending to it, it will handle thousands of requests per second.

You also seem to be running an open Pi-hole on the net without any firewall blocking. I see that you show more than 150 clients in one of the screen captures. Please secure your Pi-hole, we do not provide support for open resolvers.

Here’s one of the problems, running Pinhole in my house and I have no more than “150 clients” something happens to this and I no longer know what it is

I’m using Conditional Forwarding to be able to see the names of my devices, if I do not activate only the ips

Hi, I am able to change the names of ips through /etc/ hosts. Thank you

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