Revert to / Fresh installation of a previous (4.4) version of PiHole


So I did try out PiHole v5 on Rpi3B for a while now, but am facing unexpected and random locks up , freezes and hanged device (not responding to pings and/or DNS queries).

Have tried changing power supply to a trusted better one and also replacing the 32G uSD card with a brand new from Samsung. The unexpected lock up continue. Tried posting debug logs however aint got a reply from the community yet.

So meanwhile to try and deduce the problem, i need a working instance on my old reliably running v4.4. As I read there is no way to downgrade from V5 to lower versions and un-installation still seems like a convoluted process with lot of manual clean up.

Need some help when trying to build a test instance, what is the correct way to install V.4.4 (including all components to respective lower versions PiHole, FTL etc) on a freshly installed Rapbian Buster.

Read this thread however to my limited understanding it was not very clear or sure about the list of steps to be done.

Appreciate your help and guidance over here.

Any ideas ? Would love some guidance over here.


As noted in the release notes, our best guidance is to revert to the backup image you created prior to upgrading to V5.

Well i would have surely loved it. Unfortunately the image i took before upgrading to v5 went away in a HDD crash and unrecoverable now.

Any other possible options to do it.


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