Restricting bandwidth usage to a DHCP client mac address


I have a metered internet connection with room mates that exceed their allotted usage. I’m charged $0.75 pr
Meg on excess usage. this gets expensive real fast.

I would love to be able to allot a quota, and enforce it. Not sure how I can get pi-hole to do that.

An addition feature desired would be a monthly usage report by dhcp client address.



Pi-Hole is a DNS interface only, the routers handle all the traffic. Once the Pi-Hole provides an IP address in response to a DNS request, it has no knowledge of the bandwidth usage that follows.

There may be routers on the market that do this.


You need a EdgeRouter to do that


thanks for the hint you two. (jfb & Tntdruid)
I’ve been looking at edge router documentation,
as yet, I can not see how to do that.



This is impossible for Pi-hole to do, even when running as both the DNS and DHCP server. It does not handle the network traffic at all. It can not even get the monthly usage for clients.