Resolver problems

Good morning,

I have some issues with pi-hole at the moment, domain resolution issues like this

My dhcpcd.conf

Capture d’écran_2023-06-02_22-23-28

Do you think it's from upstream dns or I misconfigured something/pihole bug?

Does this happen every time or was it a one-off? Can you create a debug log please, that should help reveal anything unusual in your setup.

Use Tools > Generate debug log (tick Upload) or the command pihole -d -a to create and auto-upload the log, then post the token URL here.

This happens with every update of the list, and also causes concern for other applications

The log token :

I don't have these issues with adguard, but I started with pi-hole so I want to stay on pi-hole

Your debug log shows everything is normal (the above messages are not currently in the log).

This may have been a temporary issue.

Are you able to run gravity?
Are you able to access the lists using the browser?

I have this problem for a few weeks I have to restart gravity so that the missing lists are found, docker sometimes does not find github also

From the browser it goes like pi-hole, sometimes it's solved, sometimes not, I have to press "Réessayer" (Retry)

I disabled DHCP in my ISP's router and enabled the pi-hole DHCP server but there is the ISP's server in IPV6 in the clients' resolv.conf

Test other upstream DNS for a few hours we'll see

I disabled the IPV6 of the router and changed the DNS upstreams for the moment I no longer have these issues

Is there a risk in disabling IPV6?

Do I still have to enable IPV6 in the pihole DHCP server settings and in the upstreams dns servers?

Not really. Any online services almost certainly all support IPv4 as standard regardless of whether they also support IPv6. I've found that IPv6 can be poorly implemented in consumer level home routers, and this can lead to connectivity and privacy annoyances. Your ISP also needs to support it and many don't.

No, your home network should be fine just dealing with IPv4.

No need there, either. As long as you can reach a server via IPv4, your computers and devices can still ask that server to resolve IPv6 queries if needed.

That would depend on your ISP.
If you are on a DSLite plan, you may lose internet connectivity if you disable IPv6.
If that would be the case for you, you'd have to leave IPv6 enabled.

Thank you for your help for the moment I will stay on this configuration

After some tests, if it can help you to investigate

ipv6 enabled on the router

Looking at the resolv.conf in the pi.hole dhcp clients

  • search home
  • ipv6 from my ISP, i don't know why...

ipv6 disabled

  • search lan

The DNS.WATCH upstream dns must also have a problem, because the loading of the pages is faster with an alternative of free association of my country

I don't know what is DS-Lite is but I live in France, with Orange as supplier

Let's hope that for the future this will not cause problems for pi-hole when we will be forced to use only ipv6, this may have changed in the configuration of the ISP routers

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