Reset password! admin please help

I installed the pi-hole. But it says DNS not found. So I reinstalled the whole system that is on the sd card.
Now I’m trying to Re-access it from SSH. The default password doesn’t work and the password I set doesn’t work. And I have no clue what’s the new password they give me.:exploding_head:
Is there anything I can do?

Not quite sure WHAT password you need …
is it the default OS one for SSH access or is it for the /admin/ interface ?

If it’s the OS and it’s raspbian the default password is raspberry with the default user pi.

If you want to reset the admin password (once connected to SSH), you can do it with pihole -a -p YourPasswordHere

Thank you so much I reinstall the whole thing again now it’s working. Maybe blocking 50% ad on me iPhone

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