Request for a few Dark UI/Theme improvements

I have taken two screenshots and pointed out the changes I'm requesting. Thanks!

I also did post this on r/pihole earlier -

Thanks for the request.

I think most is covered by


Setting the styling on per-browser level permits different settings for different browsers, devices, users using the same pihole installation. Isn't that the bigger benefit instead of a server-side storage?

I guess but I would much prefer orange/red instead of grey for blocked things.
And the new/old charts checkbox part (2nd screenshot) isn't covered by that post.

Dissenting opinion - I like the theme as is. Any changes will not meet the desires of all users. This can be tweaked until eternity.

I'm not asking for any major change, just that one color, also green & red colors are kinda universal for permitted & blocked (grey kinda looks bland on the dark theme).

This part is unlikely to change.

A small number of people wanted to revert to the line graphs instead of the new bar graphs (In my personal opinion, these are better as they reflect the data more accurately, but opinion is subjective, I understand), storing the choice in browser storage rather than cache-clearing-safe storage was to make it as simple an implementation as possible to give those that really wanted to revert back to it an option, without having to modify any source files locally, potentially breaking future updates.

For the first part, and to quote /u/Mr-Thumpasaurus from your Reddit thread:

One note - red/green colorblindness is one of the more common forms of colorblindness. Plotting them together on the same graph could be problematic for a lot of people.

Which is certainly something worth keeping in mind.

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Here's some good reading on the subject of colorblindness & data visualization for those interested:

Edit: Here's another resource with less technical details, but more potential color palettes

This is a personal preference. The problem with changing theme colors based on personal preference is that another user's preferences might not match yours. There is no single set of colors that will satisfy all users.

In addition, I don't think we will make any changes that would make it more difficult for visually impaired users to see the page.