Request ability to export DHCP Settings separately


Hi there!
I know there’s an option to export white/black lists from the WebUI, but could we have the ability to export DHCP settings, including reservations? This request is to be able to export them separately from white/black lists, because we may want to start from a clean list slate, but keep the DHCP settings.
My network has about 50 reservations currently being served by the router/modem, but would much rather have everything DHCP/DNS handled by the Pi, mostly because if I have devices set to use the Pi as DNS, a lot of weird things happen, and devices stop querying internal hostnames correctly, even though I have “Never forward reverse lookups for private IP ranges” unchecked. Although, now that I’m looking, maybe that could be resolved by unchecking the, “Never forward non-FQDNs” too?

I want to be able to export the DHCP settings, because I frequently re-install Pi-Hole for troubleshooting, tinkering, and blowing it up.


revise latest version ( mine is 3.0), file: 04-pihole-static-dhcp saves this leases to save time and no need to rewrite by hand, now only need to know path to copy when are necesary ( no import only save).


As of v4.0 (and perhaps earlier) Teleporter backs up all of /etc/dnsmasq.d, which will includes DHCP settings.