Removing pi hole messed up my wifi

The issue I am facing:
I was running Pihole in proxmox on a VM or a Container I forgot. I found out that it wasn't really blocking ads so I decided to remove it. Instead of un-installing it, I destroyed the machine where pi-hole was running. This was a Big mistake. I'm having issues now where some websites won't load or would take forever to load, another thing is that when I try to use WhatsApp sometimes it just won't work, downloading pictures and sending pictures and voice notes NEVER work unless I switch connections to my cellular data.

Did you restore your router configuration?

As you have removed Pi-hole from your network, this is not a Pi-hole, but a device configuration issue:
Any device still using exclusively Pi-hole for DNS won't be able to resolve anything at all.
You'd had to adjust your device's configuration to point to the DNS server you prefer, including and foremost your router.

As you seem observing mixed resolution issues, that may hint at a set of DNS servers in use by your network, so a device using that set may send some requests via your (now absent) Pi-hole and some via other DNS resolvers.

If that would be the case, that would be likely to also have contributed to your previous observation of Pi-hole not filtering, as it would have been bypassed via that alternate DNS server.

Make sure you changed your DNS settings

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