Remove specific domain from statistics

Hey there,
I have one device in my network, which is constantly (100 times / second) pinging a webseite.
This fills up my statistics. I know, I can set this domain on the ingore list, but it remains in the total queries and diagrams.
How can I exclude domains completely?

With the current version of Pi-Hole, you cannot. You can exclude a domain from the “top” lists, but it will still be included in the other statistics.

Another option would be to block the repeated request for the website at the source. If it is a Windows client, for example, you can map the domain to in the hosts file of the Windows client.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, it is a IoT device, so I can not change the hosts file…

Ok, I think I found a solution using dockker and a few networking tricks to solve this issue here and that issue as well: How to add the network DNS? But I need a few days or up to two weeks to test this (because I do not have enough time to test this now). I willl write an update here, when I know if it worked…

Ok, short summary:
I am trying to use docker to serve squid and pihole in a row. I will use dnsmasq to filter a few domains before the traffic continues to pihole. Dnsmasq will also be the dns for local traffic, so pihole has not to worry about captive portal dns servers and such things. Because the raspberry will only be a server, and not a used client, this is totally ok. After pihole, squid will filter the rest of the traffic and act as a cache for websites
I will replay again,when I did that changes.

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