Remove orphan clients from Pi-Hole / update DNS names

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While configuring the group managment and creating some client entries for my Pi Hole 5 installation, I came up with the following suggestions for improvement:

  1. It would be nice to be able to delete orphan clients, which were not present in the network for a certain time via admin gui automatically. Currently it's seems like it's only possible via direct database access: Deleting a client from the database
  2. Furthermore it would be nice trigger a DNS name resolution via the admin gui.

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2 different requests in 1 ticket? I think you understand what I want to say :wink:

This may cause problems. Your sister who visits every 3 months and likes to browse Google Ads - do you want to enter her IP to a group again after it was automatically erased? Or the work laptop that you only rarely use at home, but needs to have no blocking?

What specifically are you looking for here?

Yeah, sorry for that :slight_smile:

Interesting ideas. Probably it would be better to be able to trigger such a clean up manually. My more simpler scenario was the following: all clients usually get the same ip address by the router via DHCP. Some weeks ago I sold my old notebook. Therefore the ip adress of this device is orphan for Pi Hole forever and can therefore be removed. Currently that is only possible directly via the database.

As far as I understood most devices are accessable via the ip address and a dns-name defined by the manufacturer of the device. For example my router is available under 192.168.x.x and I thought that it might be possible to get all these dns-names automatically and show them instead of the pure ip addresses in the admin interface?

What you are looking for is this
[Feature Request] Option to delete devices from "Network" tab · Issue #1044 · pi-hole/web · GitHub and

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