Remove DHCP Leases

where is the dhcp lease file?

Look in the "/etc/pihole" folder.


Can I modify it? Cancel some rows?

You should change it via the web interface.


They are in the "Currently active DHCP leases", how can you take them out?

(they are not in "Static DHCP leases configuration")

Currently active leases are the devices using the DHCP server. Do you want to blacklist a device from using your network?

hi, i kind of have the same question. i have assigned about 28 items on my pi-hole using the built in DHCP and disabled the one on my router. that being said i want to removed the current device that is showing but when i remove it and reassign it, it won't take effect even after saving and rebooting the pi-hole. i see a bunch of devices in the "Currently active DHCP leases" how do i remove them yet how do i fix this.


thank you

Have you tried restarting the devices, or changing the lease time to something short?

in my case those devices do not exist anymore

Have you tried stopping dnsmasq, editing the lease file, and starting it back up? This seems to be the most common answer, or you could try this command:

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You need the following commands:

sudo systemctl stop dnsmasq
sudo nano /etc/pihole/dhcp.leases
sudo systemctl restart dnsmasq
systemctl status dnsmasq